Welcome to Colossal Cable

Our mission is to provide musicians with a hand made cable that delivers superior signal transfer and clarity, resilient and impervious construction at a competitive price.

Colossal Cable compares and competes on every level with other high end cables that cost $150 and more for a fraction of the price and are hand made in N. Hollywood California with 90% of the materials originating from the USA.

Colossal Cable is now looking dealers in the U.S. & Europe. When it comes to sound, durability and pricing Colossal Cable is an excellent choice for guitarist, bassist and keyboards! Get some in your store today!

The new Colossal SweetFat is the biggest jump forward in cables I’ve heard in years. Finally a cable that is transparent, clean, rugged AND musical! My old and new guitars never sounded better! This is a REAL advance in cable manufacturing!

-Dan Boul, 65 Amps

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